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Autonomous aerial vehicles are systems commonly known as drones (*), UAS or UAV. 

Drones are the flying parts of a system performing ground-piloted or autonomous tasks in the air to solve a specific professional need.  Applications include transport of parcels, industrial inspections, precision farming, surveillance, and much more.

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles will bring about a fundamental change in the economy, in society, and to organizations throughout.

  Drones can bring significant business benefits BUT only as a part of a value chain.

(*) Drones mean both fixed-wing (planes) or rotary wing (multicopters or helicopters). UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAS = Unmanned Aerial System.



Strategic advantanges
Environmental protection and combating climate change
OPEX Savings
More Efficient operations
CAPEX Optimization
Customer service & public relations improvement
Risk reductions
Safety Improvements
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