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Advanced course on Specific category operations

Specific risk model.png

Summary: The course dives into the details of Ground and Air risk assessment and mitigation. The syllabus covers the steps to successfully define a full SORA document and continues to discuss how Standard Scenarios and Pre-Determined Risk Assessment templates help facilitate the application of pre-defined missions.

Pre-requisites: Our introductory course or previous experience from conducting BVLOS or other advanced missions.

Suited for: Intermediate and advanced drone pilots and drone operators.

Duration: One day (7.5h including breaks and lunch)

Location: At customer venue

SORA Doc package.png


  • A detailed walkthrough of the different aspects of SORA

  • How to meet requirements for Low, Medium or High robustness level

  • The three parts of a SORA document plus Operations and Maintenance Manuals

  • Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures and

  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

  • Easing up the permit process: Standard Scenarios, Pre-Determined Risk Assessments

  • Practical exercises; design a Specific category mission; act on an ERP

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