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SOME EXamples of our projects

Large U-space demonstration in Gulf of Finland

Status: Ended


GOF USPACE is very large U-Space demonstration. The total budget for this demonstration is 3,3M€ where SESAR JU has funded 1,6M€. This demonstration has 19 consortium members from Finland, Estonia, and other EU countries.

In this project, our partner Freguentis developed Flight Information Mangement System (FIMS) to share UTM and manned aviation flight information data between UTM Providers (Altitude Angel, Airmap and Unifly). We are honored that our work recognized by SESAR JU by selecting our architecture as one of the third reference architecture.

FIMS was tested by eight different demonstrations.  We did demonstrations in the city of Tallinn with police and border guard where three drone operators were flying inside the Controlled Airspace of Tallinn airport. In Helsinki, we did the same kind of demonstration in the park of the Väinämönen. In Helsinki, the police were participated in the demonstration to remotely identify five drone operators. In are a delight to announce that with Fleetonomy and Airmap we exceed level 3 of U-Space. Police created the no-flight zone and both Fleetonomy's drones landed autonomously.

during this demonstration, we also did the international logistic flight from Estonia to Finland with full situational awareness of the airspace. the last demonstration was with Volocopter, the air taxi flight in Helsinki International Airport, where air taxi created flight plan in Unifly's UTM and the flight plan was accepted by ATCO via Airmap UTM system..

Volocopter-Helsinki Airport.png

5GDRONES - Developing KPI's for 5G Network to ensure good conectivity with drones 

Status: Ongoing


5G!Drones aim is to trial several UAV use-cases covering eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC 5G services, and to validate 5G KPIs for supporting such challenging use-cases. The project will drive the UAV verticals and 5G networks to a win-win position, on one hand by showing that 5G is able to guarantee UAV vertical KPIs, and on the other hand by demonstrating that 5G can support challenging use-cases that put pressure on network resources, such as low-latency and reliable communication, massive number of connections and high bandwidth requirements, simultaneously. 5G!Drones will build on top of the 5G facilities provided by the ICT-17 projects and a number of support sites while identifying and developing the missing components to trial UAV use-cases.

The project will feature Network Slicing as the key component to simultaneously run the three types of UAV services on the same 5G infrastructure (including the RAN, back/fronthaul, Core), demonstrating that each UAV application runs independently and does not affect the performance of other UAV applications, while covering different 5G services. While considering verticals will be the main users of 5G!Drones, the project will build a software layer to automate the run of trials that exposes a high level API to request the execution of a trial according to the scenario defined by the vertical, while enforcing the trial’s scenario using the API exposed by the 5G facility, as well as the 5G!Drones enablers API deployed at the facility. Thus, 5G!Drones will enable abstracting all the low-level details to run the trials for a vertical and aims at validating 5G KPIs to support several UAV use-cases via trials using a 5G shared infrastructure, showing that 5G supports the performance requirements of UAVs with several simultaneous UAV applications with different characteristics (eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC). Using the obtained results, 5G!Drones will allow the UAV association to make recommendations for further improvements on 5G.

5GDrones Consortium.png

World UAV Federation - Finnish Chapter

Status: Ongoing


WORLD UAV FEDERATION is the organization committed to promoting the development of the UAV industry and technology worldwide with certain professional and ethical standards.

Finnish Chapter established in October 2019. Finnish Chapter's goal is to promote Finnish innovations and know-how to the world UAV industry. Finland have great innovations and knowledge in AI, AR/VR, Big Data, Digitalization, Cyberwatch, Artic Know-how, and Battery technology. Finnish chapter help organizations to promote their products, services, and innovations via WUAVF. 

Next step is to recruit Finnish organizations to join to the WUAVF Finnish Chapter. 


Drone business acceleration project in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa area

Status: Ended


In this workshop series, the goal is to finetune current drone services in the Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region to match with participated customers' needs.

This project has three workshops and various analysis between workshops to first understand the customer's needs and current services of local drone partners. From these analysis, we define together with partners and customers the required development needs to match customer's expectations.

This project is done together with the Oulu university of applied science.

Aviapolis drone logistic

Status: Ended


Aviapolis is the most rapidly growing area in Finland. Aviapolis offers a job for 35,000 employees, and new jobs in the coming years are estimated to be over 15,000. Drone logistics is a rapidly evolving solution, and there are appearing new companies specialized in drone deliveries. Recent studies claim that drone logistics with an electric propulsion system for delivering less than 2kg payload is more carbon-neutral than delivering the same size of the parcel by electric car.  Aviapolis drone logistics was a part of a larger Aviapolis project in Vantaa city. The goal was to demonstrate drone logistics services, develop a simulator tool, and publish a guide book for city planning and architects. The project also explored charging networks and landing pads for drone logistics. The project was funded by Smart & Clean Foundation has been funded by this project.


NEXT STEPS: Although this project has ended, the work is continuing with drone logistics and to promote scalable drone business in an urban environment. Companies looking at new ways to deliver a parcel for customers, please contact us.


Currently available only in Finnish



Tero Drone Logistic.png

Long range UAV for remote sensing large areas

Status: Ended

Remote sensing2.png

Long range UAV for remote sensing demonstration tested the use of large, 100kg UAV with 8 hour operation time for remote sensing. During this demonstration, UAV was operated in Finnish south-east archibelago for sea dog counting, in Evo area for remote sensing of 3000 hectares with the Multispectral sensor and in Nummela for remote sensing crops with multispectral sensor. During this demonstration, UAV was operated from different airports in Kumlinge, Nummela and Vesivehmaa. UAV was operated in active airports among manned aviation. 


Ultrahack Drone Tournament in Helsinki - Airboss for safety operations

Status: Ended


Ultrahack Oy arranged a Drone tournament in Helsinki with 20 sponsors. This tournament had several challenges from identifying and sampling hazardous chemicals to Fly High and Back. ensured safe operations in each challenge. Our Airboss service included required safety assessments, safety training, permissions, and onsite safety arrangements. Some of the flight operations were done near populated areas, and some in unpopulated areas. Fly High and Back challenge we got permissions to fly as high as 12 000m. Airboss -service helps organizations who plan to make trials, high safety operations to minimize the risks related to drone operations

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