Introductory course for Open and Specific class operators and remote pilots

Open Category.png

Summary: The course focuses on how to prepare for and conduct successful Open or Specific category operations. The course does not cover how to operate any specific UAS system. The course gives a brief introduction to the SORA methodology.

Pre-requisites: None, although previous knowledge of practical drone operations helps.

Suited for: Beginners and intermediate drone pilots and all drone operators.

Duration: One day (7.5h including breaks and lunch)

Location: At customer venue


  • Introduction and Regulatory overview

  • The four flight phases

  • Flight planning, including risk assessment and weather

  • Pre-flight preparation

  • In-flight phase and situational awareness

  • Post-flight actions and keeping pilots and equipment current

  • Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures and Emergency Response Plan

  • Specific category operations overview

  • SORA’s 10-step process: determination and mitigation of Ground and Air Risk

  • Total risk score and Operational Safety Objectives

  • Ways to get permission for Specific category operations

  • Expectations for U-space

  • Practical exercises