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Many drone applications promise a competitive advantage and new capabilities. The market is full of drone platforms, sensors, and data analysis offerings. However, real improved competitiveness can only be achieved when new technology is applied as a part of existing or new workflows. Exploiting an individual technology is not enough. Companies procuring drones in the hope of quick gains without understanding the whole value chain are less likely to reap benefits from drones.

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We can help you to uncover true drone application potential, and to assess the whole required value chain including the regulatory environment, sensors, drones, data management, data analysis and integration to your existing ICT infra and workflows.

We compare business case scenarios including inhouse, outsource or hybrid models. We find the right cooperation partners, facilitate minimum viable product testing and support scaling up.

Our structured five-step approach will cover all corners from the potential discovery of new drone-related application to business case formulation, minimum viable product testing and scaling up


STEP 1 - Potential discovery

The first phase is based around one or several potential discovery workshops. During each workshop, we help your experts identify a long-list of potential use cases, which we assess together. Together with the steering team, we narrow down the long list to the most promising use cases. These selected use cases are then documented in detail along recommendations for next steps.

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