The new EASA drone rules makes a distinction between Operator and Remote Pilot. A UAS Operator is any legal or natural person operating or intending to operate one or more UAS. This can be an organization with many pilot or a single person. Typically drones are owned by and registered to an Operator. A Remote Pilot is the Pilot in Command responsible for an individual mission.


Robots Expert provides classroom and online training, which is relevant for both Operators and Remote Pilots. Our training goes beyond the immediate piloting and mission planning skills required by Civil Aviation Agencies (CAA; Traficom in Finland), and cover both Open and Specific category operation skills.

In sum: REX continues where the mandatory Open-class training requirements end.

Contact us for a discussion on whether our standard classes are appropriate for you, or if a tailored approach would be better. Especially for Specific-class Operators, it is important that the training and your Operations Manual are aligned.

SORA advisory and documentation assistance

The safety objective for unmanned aviation is the same as for manned aviation: maximum one death per million flight hours. Creating SORA documents “from scratch” can take 40 – 100 working hours as a one-time effort.

SORA advisory and documentation assistance speed up the required effort to create PART A.1, PART A.2 and PART A.3 Documentation.

BVLOS Test Range


We have access to test ranges suitable for BVLOS test activities, including night flying, with drones up to 150kg MTOW. All testing is conducted in Temporary Danger Areas, where drones do not have to give way to other aircraft.

We provide a turn-key solution for BVLOS test flight compliant with Finnish drone regulations and other technical requirements, and that your Specific category operation permit is processed in Finland. We provide needed ground infrastructure for your tests including tents and power generators. Robots Expert Airboss will support your operation on-site through all parts of operations.