BVLOS Test Range

Finland provides a flexible, safe and cost-efficient setting for BVLOS operations. Until 30.6.2020 no approval from CAA is required for BVLOS flights if MTOW is less than 25 kg. Also heavier drone tests are possible.

We have access to test ranges suitable for BVLOS test activities, including night flying, with drones up to 150kg MTOW. All testing is conducted in Temporary Danger Areas, where drones do not have to give way to other aircraft.

Flight Preparation

We help ensure that your operation is compliant with Finnish drone regulations and other technical requirements and that your Specific category operation permit is processed in Finland. We will advise on or help complete the local safety assessment for Air and Ground risk. On request, we can help you create or update any part of the SORA documentation.



We provide a SORA Medium robustness Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for each test campaign and you will afterwards get the campaign ERP in an editable format, ready for re-use in your other operations. We also train you using our ERP syllabus.

Flight Operations

REX wants to make your stay safe and pleasant. We provide necessary ground support equipment including tent, table and chairs, plus 230V 50Hz power from the grid or from a sine power generator. As needed, we also take care of accommodation, meals and transportation.

A trained Robots Expert Airboss will support your operation on-site through all parts of operations. The Airboss conducts the ERP training, and gives a short morning briefing each day, and takes care of any required airspace management tasks. We maintain aviation VHF radio coverage as needed and help you with the use of the ground support equipment. More qualified helpers are available on request.