Robots Expert Finland Ltd is a consultancy focused on unmanned or autonomous aviation, more commonly known as Drone business. Our interest is to jump-start and accelerate the use of drones in professional, civil applications in Europe.

We have hands-on experience in drone solution development, drone policy making as well as from strategy consulting and retail. We maintain a unique global partner network with stakeholders for any kind of demonstration. Our experience from business and technology consulting enable successful project management for field demonstrations while maintaining a firm grip on the underlying business cases.


We are working with different types of stakeholders to

  • Enable sensor and data processing providers to demonstrate their solutions requiring large amounts of drone data

  • Operate drones in demanding missions, be it 100km+ BVLOS, freezing conditions or operation in dense urban areas

  • Develop new ways for research organizations and authorities to collect data over large areas

  • Test the use of telecom networks and agile air traffic control solutions for drones to pave the way for U-Space in Europe

  • Showcase evidence-based requirements for drone regulation development in Europe


Our vision is to shape unmanned aviation, together.


Tero Vuorenmaa
Jonas Stjernberg
Senior Vice President 
Advisory Board
Tero Heinonen​
Juha Hyyppä​​
Anttoni Jaakkola​
Rami Nousiainen